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Individual lessons are only successful if they are taken at regular intervals. Especially in the beginning, it makes sense to plan several lessons after each other as there is a lot of theoretical knowledge which needs to be conveyed. Only when a concept has been understood well, can this be put into practice correctly at home on one’s own.


Lessons at our yard:

As an exception, we offer lessons on our own horses for our regular pupils.


Intensive training at our yard:

You are welcome to come to us with your own horse. We offer dressage lessons, horsemanship training and liberty work, outrides, as well as theory lessons. 

You can also watch when we are schooling our own horses.


Online Video Coaching:

For my pupils in foreign countries I offer an online video coaching service during which I shall watch your videos after which we can discuss them via Skype or a WhatsApp telephone call.



Please enquire about pricing by contacting us directly. You can find our details under Contact.



We would love to give clinics at a venue of your choice.  We offer clinics which suit your individual needs. We have found that 3 to 4-day clinics with theory lessons after the ridden lessons on two of those days are well-received. 


An indoor riding arena should be available for clinics. For detailed information about costs, please contact us directly.



South Africa


Schooling of your horse under saddle:

Schooling of horses under saddle takes place at our yard. The minimum amount of time that your horse should remain with us is three months. Depending on the time that the horse stays with us as well as its sex, we integrate your horse into one of our herds. Details can be discussed with you one on one.


Gallery Courses:

Gallery schooling of your horse:

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