"I like the idea that the Mustang Makeover is a pro-horse event. This is a comforting contradiction to the general situation in horse sports, which I personally oppose for years.
A great chance to present my mustang to a pro-horse audience after 100 days so that together we can draw attention to the dramatic situation that wild mustangs currently find themselves in."




Thanks a lot to Sodemann GmbH for the support with their panels for Schleese's Cougar Bum.

She has arrived at last! After a long journey she finally joined the herd.

The American Mustang mare TAG 3909 has been with us since 23 April 2018. Colour: appaloosa, height: 158 cm.  She was born and grew up in a herd of wild horses in the USA.  Her herd is from the Three Fingers region which is about 25 miles north west of the Jordan Valley in Oregon.

Every year thousands of the last wild horses/ mustangs are captured in the USA and are herded into so-called sanctuaries as their habitat is ever decreasing whilst the number of horses is continually increasing.  As far as possible, attempts are made to auction off the mustangs but their large numbers and low market value makes this increasingly difficult.

The Mustang Makeover team has adopted the goal to create awareness of this breed and its suitability as riding horses and reliable partners and to draw attention to the situation in the USA.  In 2017 the first Trainer Challenge was carried out in Germany with great success.

Specifically selected top trainers are afforded the chance to work with a "green" mustang for 100 days, following which the horses are shown in front of a large crowd for 3 days at the CHIO venue in Aachen under the motto "FROM WILD TO MILD".  The judging is not aimed at evaluating the performance of the horse but rather focuses on relationship aspects which show a trusting partnership between trainer and horse.

The training of each trainer/mustang pair is publicly available on the MMO webpage as well as social media during the entire training period so as to demonstrate different approaches to horse friendly basic training techniques to a large audience.

After the 3 day event the mustangs sold at an auction.

The horses are mostly untouched and have merely been prepared to be haltered and loaded. "Our" mare was flown to Frankfurt by Lufthansa Cargo together with the other horses on 21 April where Jan Henn collected her together with Simon Schmidt at the Lufthansa Animal Lounge.  Jan also had the opportunity to assist with the loading of some of the other mustangs and he was impressed by how professional and calm the process was.

For now we are giving the mare some time to get used to her new surroundings, to calm down and relax and to become acquainted with the other horses in our stable.

Follow us and "our" mustang mare, TAG 3909, and her further training at this site, on Facebook: ProHorse or on Instagram: prohorse-nordhessen
We are looking forward to an exciting time and would be pleased to meet you in Aachen from 3 to 5 August 2018.

11. May: 

The mare aclimated herself exceptionally well. Our roundpen is connected to her paddock, acting as a run and enabling her to have some pastime with the other horses.
The video shows the third unit with the help of a saddled horse.

07. May: First Communication between us:

We get to know and respect each other.

Here you can see 15 minutes of uncut footage while I am interacting with the mare.

The first week of familiarization:
after short infomation about the heritage of our Mustang mare TAG 3909 and location of her herd in USA, I will give you a little report of our first week together.

First days at home:
First contact to the neighbouring horses was a full success. Stallion Rosenstolz likes her a lot and vice versa - but the her best moments are while eating hay with Gu-Ye-Quo-Ni.

First day:
Up to now I didn't spend a lot of time with my mare and didn't ask anything of her. My idea is to offer her a good amount of socializing time with different horses in order to give her the opportunity to feel comfortable. Just being a horse among other horses. There's plenty of time for starting all the other stuff.

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